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Cognitive Rehabilitation

We offer cognitive rehabilitation therapy to individuals who have suffered brain injuries, strokes, or other neurological disorders. After mild traumatic brain injuries, cognitive recovery to baselilne levels typically occurs, but more serious injuries can cause permanent changes in memory and other abilities. These changes can make it difficult to manage day to day activities that were previously much easier. Problems remembering schedules, planning activities such as meals, managing expenses, or staying on top of telephone messages and emails can have serious effects on a person’s ability to live independently. Additionally, depleted motivation and energy can cause people to stop perticipating in enjoyable activities, hobbies, and work. People can become very isolated, often leading to depression.

Treating all of this is a key aspect of recovery. At FNPA, we work with patients individually so that they can learn to manage their lives as effectively as possible - despite their cognitive changes. As each person’s challenges are unique, therapy is highly individualized. We design interventions in a collaborative manner in meetings with patients and their families. Together, we identify specific activities or abilities that patients would like to see improve. Then, as a team, we design interventions to help reach those goals. 

Brain injuries can also cause changes in the way emotions are experienced and expressed to others. Changes in personality and interpersonal skills are common. Patients may need to learn how to interact more effectively with family members and others so as to maintain the support that is so important to their continued recovery. These issues are also specifically addressed in cognitive rehabilitation therapy. 

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