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Falls Neuropsychology and Psychotherapy Associates, PLLC, is a group of knowledgeable and caring professionals providing a full range of mental health services. We specialize in evaluating and treating individuals with neurological and other medical challenges and have many years of experience in working with these populations. We also routinely evaluate and treat a wide variety of emotional and psychiatric difficulties such as depression, anxiety, and adjustment problems. Our staff has expertise in treating these areas throughout the life span. We provide services to child, adolescent, adult and geriatric populations.

Our evaluation services include neuropsychological evaluations, presurgical psychological screening, evaluations for ADHD and learning disorders, and more traditional psychological evaluations. We specialize in evaluating adult, geriatric, and adolescent individuals. 

We offer individual and group psychotherapy, family and couples counseling, educational seminars, and worksite training in mental health issues. We have therapists who specialize in treating children,  adolescents, and adults. Additionally, we can provide worksite services such as staff trainings, EAP services, and stress management sessions.

We accept most insurances.

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